Dip-N-Vat Hunting Club, Inc. Hunting Deer, Hog and Small Game

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Rules and Bylaws 2017-2018 Updated May 2017

1. Game Rules:

​All Florida State Gaming Laws*, The Lyme Cross City Forest Company, L.L.C.  (Owner) Laws/Rules and Dip-N-Vat Hunting Club, Inc. Laws/Rules are to be observed while on club land. *State Gaming Laws are followed unless specified different by The Lyme Cross City Forest Company, LLC.  Or Dip-N-Vat Hunting Club, Inc. Buck Deer “In Season” must be by State Law. There is NO taking of Doe Deer during General Gun Season. 

​2.Type of Hunting:

Bow Hunting, Black Powder and General Gun.

3. Trapping: 

Trapping of wild hogs is no longer allowed.

4. Dog Training:

Dog Training is allowed only every weekend from Friday Night at dusk till Sunday Night at dusk in the months May, June, and July. NOT August! All training must be the running of fox except during state approved time limits (See Florida State Gaming Laws for dates). Visit http://myfwc.com/about/rules-regulations for specifics.  

All dogs on club property must wear a collar with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission DEER DOG HUNTING REGISTRATION FOR PRIVATE LANDS number. (#DD-00121) attached. See club letter pertaining to number every year.  

All members hunting with dogs must, in addition to the above, have a copy of the Registration letter with the registration number, with them always. A copy of this letter should be in all vehicles on club property that each member uses in running dogs. You will be provided with one copy each year. You may make copies for each vehicle or request the number of copies you need. No gun permitted when anyone in the party is in possession of dogs. 

Small Game is allowed for running game only. After general gun to two weeks prior to Turkey Season. Refer to FWC each year for  date.


No taking of hogs or deer! 

More Information regarding DD#121 

What this registration allows:  Use of dogs to take, attempt to take, trail, or pursue deer on the property identified in the registration during the deer dog training season and any open deer hunting season when taking of deer with dogs is permitted and pursuant to Rule 68A-12.007, F.A.C., and the conditions of a valid deer dog registration. What this registration does NOT allow:  Use of any dog to take attempt to take, trail or pursue deer on property not identified in the registration.  Requirements and conditions:  The registration requirement is in addition to all existing rules regarding the use of dogs for hunting including the hunter responsibility and road hunting rules.  Registration can be issued to the landowner or any other individual who has rights to hunt the property as designated by the landowner in a hunting lease or by written permission.  No person using a dog for taking, attempting to take, trailing or pursuing deer shall allow dogs off the property identified in the registration, whether intentionally or negligently.  All persons using dogs to take attempt to take, trail or pursue deer on the property identified in the registration shall be in possession of a copy of the Registration.  All dogs used for taking, attempting to take, trailing or pursuing or deer on the property identified in the registration shall have the entire Registration Number legibly displayed on the collar of the dog or on an attachment to the collar of the dog .  Failure to comply with these registration requirements would be a violation of FWC rule and may result in a citation.

5.  Visitors: 

Visitor fee is included with membership. Visitors must ride with club member. One visitor per day per member. No visitors during bow, muzzle load season and the first nine days of general gun or last nine days. Visitors must stay within reasonable distance of the member. Wife, girlfriend and children, under 18, may hunt free. A member of any branch of the Military may hunt for free with a current member. Members must call or text the Treasurer with the Visitor pass number and name. Member only allowed  to bring a guest SEVEN times per year. 

6. Wild Hog Hunting:

Wild hogs may be taken during General Gun Season, Archery Season, and Black Powder Season. No Trapping.

7. Fire Arms:  

Only a 22 caliber, rim fire pistol or rifle, is allowed on your person or in your vehicle, out of season.

No gun allowed when in possession of any dog, except during General Gun Season.  


​8. Hunter Safety and Ethics:  

All members and their parties are to wear orange, per State Law, during General Gun Season. Members must wear a hat and an outer garment, above the waistline, of daylight fluorescent blaze orange (Hunter Orange), that total at least 400 square inches. Members should exercise all reasonable precautions with respect to hunting, and firearm and weapons safety. Members are expected to hunt in a safe and ethical manner. Lyme Cross City Forest Company L.L.C supports efforts to promote and increase hunting safety and recommends that each member of a recreational lease complete a Hunter Education Course. Members must ensure that all minors are under the supervision of a parent(s) or guardian; and when minors are present on the property, the parent or guardian is responsible for their acts and safety. 

Lease members must not hunt, discharge or display firearms in a careless manner or in close proximity to any residence, residential area, school, church or place of business.

9. Off Road Vehicles Including ATV’s

Riding 4-Wheelers to and from stands and on club property is permitted.  

No 4-Wheeler should be used for running dogs during General Gun Season. Operators must be at least 16 years of age or supervised by an adult. Must sign notarized affidavit releasing club and owners of liability responsibility before stickers are issued. No 3-Wheelers, at all, are permitted. Lyme Cross City Forest Company L.L.C recommends that each operator of an off-road vehicle including ATV's complete an appropriate vehicle education course.
Members should not operate motorized vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The use of motorized vehicles is restricted to established roads and trails. Off-road vehicles including ATV’s may not be used in a manner that damages, roads or property and any such damages shall be promptly repaired by Lessee.  

Use of off-road vehicles or ATV’s in stream beds or the use of steam crossings not designated as fords by Lyme Cross City Forest Company LLC is expressly prohibited. Mud-bogging and other abuses which damage property, roads and trails will not be tolerated.Riding a 4-wheeler, you must have an orange flag and wear orange.

10. Littering:

No littering on club property. First Offence: Come before the board. 

b) Second Offence: Fine or expelled from the club with no refund of dues.  

B. The owners of the property will not tolerate litter on the property, at all.  

C. All members shall be alert for fires or any other damage to the club land.

11. Work Weekends:

The designated weekends are:  

February, May for ballots and dues, and August on the specified work weekends, everyone will meet at the tower on Jeffery Rd, to sign in, between 8am and 8:30am. 

12. Rules for becoming a member:  

Potential new members must hold a valid Florida Hunting License.  

Each member will complete an application, certificate of liability and waiver, copy of current driver license, insurance, and registration to be kept on file with the club every year.  

Secretary / Treasurer. Keeping current address and phone number is the responsibility of the member. Dip-N-Vat Hunting Club, Inc. is not responsible for lost or returned mail due to lack of notification of address change. Member and New member dues are determined by the Board of Directors based on the cost of the lease. Dues are to be paid by May 1st of each year or at the meeting date.  

Any member not paid by May 1st will go to the bottom of the waiting list and pay new membership fees to be reinstated. Any member that has been in the club, in good standing, for 5 consecutive years, may be in the club for one half club fee at the age of 65, if said member is 65 prior to May 1st of that year.  Any member that has been in the club, in good standing, for 5 years, may be in the club free at the age of 70, if said member is 70 prior to May 1st of that year. Any child that reaches the age of 18, and whose parent is a current member of Dip-N-Vat hunt club and wishes to become a member will be accepted ahead of any new applicants. A club members’ child, upon turning 18 before May 1st of that year, will only be required to pay regular fee not new member fee. This rule applies to current member’s children who turn 18 while in the club. A child that turns 18 before May 1st and is still enrolled in High School will not be required to join the club as a member until the May 1st after their graduation from High School. Example - If, a child has a birthday before May 1st and turns 18, but is still enrolled in a High School and doesn’t graduate until the end of May or June of that year, will not be required to pay fees until the next May 1st. Members must sign and agree to The Release of Liability. Any member who has their Hunting License revoked due to a game violation must decline as a member until their hunting license is reinstated. Club fees will not be refunded. All members must provide every year and any time a change is made Copies of current Driver’s License, Vehicle insurance for each vehicle driven on club property, and current Registration for each vehicle driven on club property. No stickers will be issued until copies are provided.  

If, Driver’s License is revoked for any reason, member is not to drive on club property until Driver’s License is reinstated.
It is the responsibility of each lease representative to maintain an updated membership list with Lyme Cross City Forest Company L.L.C Cross City, Florida office. Lease Renewal is contingent on the membership list being annually updated and acceptable to the Lessor. Contact information for all members should include a daytime phone number and an email address, whenever possible.
In addition to contact information, please designate if a member has a campsite structure (s). Starting 2018 next year a $25.00 key deposit will be required. When you are no longer a member and return the key. The deposit will be returned. The club is held responsible for the actions of its members. Guests, contractors and agents and any improper actions will likely jeopardize the lease.

13. Stickers:

Stickers need to be placed on windshield on the Top or Bottom of the Drivers side or in the Middle of the windshield above the rear-view mirror.


14. Elections:

Elections are to be held each year. 

Even seats for even years. Odd seats for odd years. Only paying members are allowed to vote and no one can vote for them. All voting shall be done by ballot, either by mail or handed out. All ballots will be given to every member and are to be returned by given date else you forfeit your vote.  

Any member wishing to run for office on the Board, must be in the club 5 consecutive years.  

15. Alcohol and Controlled Substances:  

Absolutely no alcohol is allowed on club property. Absolutely no controlled substances allowed. 

No alcohol or controlled substances to be used while driving any vehicle on club property. Driver’s License and/or Hunting License can be revoked if caught driving under the influence while hunting on club property.  

First Offence: Expelled from the club with no refund of dues. 


16. Acts of Violence:

The owners will not tolerate any kind of violence on club property.

If a problem arises, come before the Board of Directors to see if they can resolve it. If the Board of Directors fails, take the problem off club property to the local Law Enforcement.

17. Camping for Members:

There is no camping on club property. There are several leased camp sites within the club. These camps are the property of the lessee and the club is not responsible for these. Members with leased camp sites are responsible for visitors entering and leaving club property. Visitors are to follow shortest route from main highway to camp site. Visitors of your camp site should not be in out of the way areas heading to a camp site. 

Leased Campsites:

Camping is only allowed at designated sites. You must have written permission for a campsite and any campsite improvements (e.g., utilities).
All campsite structures must be capable of being moved on demand (i.e., mounted on skids or wheels). The use of mobile homes as a campsite structure requires written permission.
Campsite structures must have the owner’s name and day-time phone number clearly posted at the structures entrance. A “Structure Fee” will be assessed for all campsite structures (e.g., Campers, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Portable Building, etc.). It is the responsibility of the Lessee to report all campsite structures to Lyme Cross City Forest Company LLC. Members will be assessed a fee for any unreported structures. No permanent residence will be permitted at campsites. 

Campsite grounds must be kept clean and free of litter at all times. Garbage must not be burned or buried. All garage must be removed from the Property and disposed of properly. Any materials being used for constructions or repair at a campsite must be neatly stored. Junk or un-serviceable equipment of any kind, including scrap lumber or metal, must be removed from property. Any structures not in use must be removed. No chemicals of any kind will be stored at the campsite, except for normal household chemicals in consumer-sized containers which shall be sued strictly according to label directions. No petroleum products, except propane, may be stored at campsite in containers larger than 5 gallons. Petroleum containers must be OSHA approved (spill proof). Any spills that are reportable to any government entity under applicable law must first be reported to the applicable authorities and then to Lyme Cross City Forest Company L.L.C.Sewage will not be allowed to drain onto the surface of the ground. No effluent of any type will be allowed to run into any natural drains or water bodies. Contents of holding tanks and portable toilets must be removed from the Property and disposed of properly.

18. Fines:

Bad Check $100.00  

Leaving Gates open $50.00 (See 19)

19. Closing of Gates:

All members are required to close all gates when entering and/or leaving the property, except in General Gun Season when dogs are running. This is your club, so please protect it. A fine of $50.00 will be imposed for being caught leaving gates open. Exception: When pines are being harvested, or planted, log trucks and machinery must have passage and gates on main roads are to be left open.  Expulsion from club, if caught destroying or driving around gates.
Roads & Gates  

Lyme Cross City Forest Company L.L.C will designate points of entry and exit from the Property from time to time. The hunting club shall only use designated points of entry and exit.

Members are asked to protect the roads and limit traffic during wet weather as much as possible. Exercise proper caution and care to avoid damage to roads and trail. Attention should be given to roads that have water bars or have been seeded to prevent erosion. Any damage to roads or property shall promptly be repaired by the hunting club. Road maintenance is expensive and funds are limited. Company roads will be maintained as time and funding permits. Roads may remain impassable for extended periods. Members must obtain permission from Lyme Cross City Forest Company L.L.C reserves the right to require any and all gates to be locked/unlocked and opened/close. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that a Company lock is on all gates. Member will be responsible for the cost of locks. Cables, chains, ropes, wire, etc. are not to be used as road access barriers.

20. Dip-N-Vat Expulsion:

The Board of Directors reserves the right to expel or terminate club membership, if a member breaks any of the above rules. If a member is caught vandalizing club property, stealing, or vandalizing or stealing other member’s property (tree stands, feeders, cameras, etc.) your membership will be terminated and no refund will be issued. The rules and bylaws of Dip-N-Vat Club, Inc. may be amended, repealed or added to and new ones adopted upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors or, in most cases, the majority of the membership.  

21. Equestrian Sports

Lyme Cross City Forest Company LLC recommends that each equestrian educate themselves about trail etiquette, preserving resources, and safety as contained in the American Equestrian Alliance safety guidelines:
The construction or use of a horse jumping structure is prohibited.
Horse racing is strictly prohibited.

22. Hunting Blinds,  Stands, & Feeders

Lyme Cross City Forest Company LLC will make a reasonable effort not to damage member’s leased property during forest management and other operations, but will not be responsible for any damage. To ensure blinds, stands, feeders or other property are not inadvertently damaged, members should remove their property when they are finished using it.

Blinds, Deer stand and feeders must be at least 100 feet from a timber access roads and lease boundaries.

Blinds or stands must not be placed within 50 yards of a road open to the public.Blinds or stand must not be placed within 150 yards of dwelling.  

Stands must not be fastened to trees with any device that penetrates the bark. Affix the owner’s name and a daytime phone number on blinds or stands so that they clearly visible at eye level. Members may be asked to move stands, blinds, or feeders. The owner’s name and a daytime phone number should be affixed so that it is clearly visible at eye level. Members should comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws, rules and regulations relating to hunting or which are otherwise applicable to the use of the property. All State or Federally protected species will be given special considerations and protection as required by all applicable laws and/or any conservation place of the Lyme Cross City Forest Company L.L.C. And Dip-N-Vat Hunting, Club, Inc.

23. Working Forest

Lyme Cross City Forest Company LLC primary business is growing and harvesting timber. You are leasing the hunting rights in a working forest. You should expect forest management activities such as timber harvest, burning, and road maintenance to be on going throughout the year. Any suspected illegal activities, including but not limited to trespass, game violations, property damage, and arson by third parties on Lease property or by the Club or its members, guests, contractors and agents on adjacent properties should first be reported to law enforcement authorities and the Lyme Cross City Forest Company L.L.C. And Dip-N-Vat Hunting Club, Inc. Board of Directors​

Openin' Day

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Always Be Safe Wear Orange!

 HUNTER SAFETY: Members hunting during a modern gun or muzzleloader deer season must wear a hat and an outer garment, above the waist, of daylight fluorescent blaze orange (Hunter Orange) that total at least 400 square inches. 
(This mandate added by Lyme Forest Company in this year's lease signing 6/16/14.) Hunting Deer, Hog and Small Game